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A collection of guided information and tools for new and established eDesigners.

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the e-designer's retail list

The eDesigner's Retail List is a directory of retailers that we shop for our client projects. Whether you're looking for furniture, hardware or wall coverings, this is a great tool for eDesigners that are just starting out or if you simply just want to find new resources for your projects.

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2d e-design tutorial

The 2D eDesign Masterclass is the ultimate guide to creating beautiful 2D visuals with client 'Before' photos in Design Files. This step by step pre-recorded tutorial was made for new and established eDesigners looking to enhance their current 2D design skills and help your clients visualize their transformed space. 

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1:1 designer session

This option is for Designers who are interested in a live, one on one design session where the agenda is up to you. Want to learn how to create a stunning virtual design?  Ask questions about my process and preferred software? Get feedback on your work? Book a session and let's chat.


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kacey, tf style homes

Timala is such an easy instructor to follow. If you've considered adding more visuals to your client presentations, but  don't want to commit to full on renderings...definitely take her tutorial on creating 2D boards in Design Files. Whether you're a beginner or experienced, I think it's something you can add to your arsenal of options. 

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brooke, haven by brooke

Timala shares her knowledge with generosity and skill. Her design capabilities are second only to her understanding, patience and willingness to help. Timala's command of Design Files opened up so many possibilities for my business. Timala's learning resources are  perfect for new designers, designers looking to level up their presentations and anyone  looking to improve their skills in their space.

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amber, barbee st. design co

Timala is an excellent instructor. She does a great job making the information accessible and applicable. With her assistance, I was able to gain a greater understanding of Design Files and increase my productivity. I would highly recommend her if you want to be a better designer!

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dominique, dominique elizabeth interiors

Prior  to taking Decurated Interiors eDesign class, I was considering outsourcing this part of my process. Thankfully, I was able to learn how from Timala. She was patient and has been continuously available for questions I have.

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