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Moving Day & Tampa Rent Spikes

Welcome To Our New Home

Let me tell y'all how excited we were to find this two bedroom two bathroom. It didn't take long for my partner and I to outgrow the one bedroom that we cohabitated in July 2020. My business was growing and he recently got a partial work from home job so we both needed dedicated office space.

My painting came to a pause and we couldn't really host overnight guests due to the limited space so we knew it was time for something bigger. The landlord also sold the unit so we had no other choice than to find a new place. But, the rent in Tampa!? My goodness...the availability of 2/2s in good condition within our budget were few and far in between.

Imagine my excitement when I happened to scroll through our community's Facebook page and saw a post that this unit was coming available the exact date we needed it. I quickly messaged the landlord to set up a call to discuss details.

Not only was this new unit in our same condo building (which made the move easier), the rent was also lower than what we were preparing to spend! Yes, lower; what a blessing that was.

We vibed well with the landlord over the phone and decided to proceed with the viewing, application and all the other formalities. The relief we felt once all that was said and done was immeasurable. We found our new home with more space for hosting, decorating, working, painting and just living. *DEEP EXHALE*

New Decorating Content?

Since sharing our new space on Insta, the most common response has been, "I can't wait to see what you do with it" and tbh I can't either. I have just as many tabs open in my brain, full of ideas, as I do on my laptop. Paint? Trim? Lighting? Yes, yes, and yes.

My priority is to get settled and live in the space for a bit and see what functional needs should be addressed first. What I do know? The bathrooms will be the first to get decorated because they're the only non-renovated spaces in the unit and it shows. It's giving early 2000s: linoleum flooring, formica countertops and tan walls. Fun lol.

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