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The Bedroom of My Dreams...

For starters, it's still very much a work in progress, but it's coming together exactly as we need it to. What's left on the to do list? Curtains, wall lighting and decor for above the headboard. I'm thinking fiber art. TBD.

In true "Timala" fashion, I forgot to take "before' pictures of the place when we moved in, but I did get video...

The previous tenant painted the bedroom a slate color that we actually liked and decided to keep as is. I knew I could work with this color as our furniture is all neutral and I could play up the color with the decor.

March 2022:

I wanted to use as much of our existing furniture and decor as possible because we (read: I) have lots of it. I did get a few HomeGoods and TJX gift cards for my birthday back in March so I decided to get new bedding. I prefer comforters over duvets so I decided to get this white Vera Wang waffle weave comforter and white sheets to keep the base of the bedding crisp.

April 2022:

I went to High Point market in April and stopped by one of my favorite textile vendors, MD Home Collection who specializes in handmade Turkish pillow covers, rugs and even clutch bags.

I was immediately drawn to the striped pillow cover because the blue matched the bedroom paint color. The green matched the curtains that I already had. The orange was a nice pop and black and white was the perfect contrast.

My friend spotted the blue, black and white diamond pillow cover at the top and thought it would be a perfect set. Let's just say I had to trust her vision because I was was not seeing it lol, but I ordered them both anyway.

Y'all. I'm so glad I trusted my friend's vision with the diamond pillow. I was unsure how that blue would look against the wall because this pillow was a touch more green, but baby...they look good!

For extra fluffiness, I stuffed two Ikea Fjadrar pillow inserts in each pillow cover. (Thank me later.)

May 2022:

July 2022:

We had two rugs from our old place that we decided to layer for some extra softness and drama. The black and white one is from Boutique rugs and the cowhide is from Ikea which I recommend seeing in person as each hide is unique.

We kept our same bed which is the "Malm" Ikea frame and I repurposed the silver drum table from World Market as nightstands.

This wall art is so special to me. I bought it during my first international trip which was to Marrakech, Morocco. There was a young Ghanaian artist in the souks selling a portfolio full of his work. This is one of three pieces made from butterfly wings. He didn't sign any of the pieces so I don't know the name of the artist, but these marked the start of my art collection.

August 2022:

It feels rich, textured and cultured which is the exact vibe I was going for. I'm so looking forward to getting the curtains up and finding the perfect wall sconces for some mood lighting. Until then, keep up with me on insta @decuratedinteriors for all the behind the scenes in real time.

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