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My First Blog Post...A Black Gallery Wall

Hey Friends. Happy Whatever-Day-It-Is-That-You-Happen-To-Be-Reading-This!

I finally found my way back to blogging, albeit a little rusty, but nothing a few posts can't fix. I haven't blogged since 2016 (...shout out to Love Seams! IYKYK...) so I'm getting familiar all over again.

I decided to dedicate my very first blog post to the the most popular piece of content on my Instagram which is my gallery wall. Collecting artwork, specifically by Black artists, has always been a goal of mine. So, in 2018 I purchased my first print, below, Still I Rise by Cristina Martinez. (This print is no longer available.)

Still I Rise. 2018 by Cristina Martinez

From there, my collection grew to about ten pieces. I knew I wanted to make them a feature in our home and the large open wall in our dining nook was the perfect spot.

Now, this is the only "before" pic of the dining/gallery space so bare with me. It's giving very much bachelor pad lol.

I knew I wanted a classic gallery wall so I chose black frames and placed them in a square-ish grid to keep the focus on the art.

I added a touch of sophistication with the battery operated portrait lights from Amazon. 100% renter friendly! Heads up, I did spray paint these a yellow gold as the original color was a bit orange-y.

This "After" shot, though!? I'm patting myself on the back.

Art Sources: Left to right, Top to bottom

Abstract Prints by Tiffany Cooper
I AM KING by Tiffany Cooper
Originals by Monica Lewis
Still I Rise by Cristina Martinez (No Longer Available)
The Sound of Love #3 by Heather Polk
UNO Artiste Series - Jean-Michel Basquiat (No Longer Available)
We Will Prevail by Michelle Robinson

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