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The Interior Design Discovery Call Guide...

Your Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Interior Design Discovery Call: Questions to Ask Before & During the Discovery Call to Determine Project Fit

Feeling stressed about that first call with a prospective interior design client?


Tired of stumbling through your calls with unanswered questions and lots of guesswork?


Do you feel discouraged after spending valuable time on discovery calls without seeing any successful results?


You're not alone. I spent my first year as an interior designer stumbling through so many discovery calls. Between nerves, angst and imposter syndrome, I wasn't sounding the most confident or getting all of the information I needed to truly figure out if the client & project would be a good fit.

I searched online for resources that weren't just a list of questions to ask.

I wanted to know how to streamline the call, how to maintain control of the conversation so it didn't turn into a free design session (🙃), how to handle objections and confidently sell my services all in a 15 to 20 minute time frame.

Two years later, I gathered all of my notes, brain dumped in google docs, and reached out to the super talented VDA Andréa of Pace by Design to help me create what I wished I had: my Interior Design Discovery Call Guide.

Why Are Discovery Calls Important?

Simply put, it's your first chance to impress your prospective client during a one on one conversation and figure out if the project is right for you.

They've more than likely browsed your social media, explored your website, and perhaps even witnessed some of your work firsthand. They've decided that they want to work with you and the discovery call is your opportunity to determine the same.


So What's In The Discovery Call Guide?

All the things lol. I've included:

  • An intake form with essential questions to ask before the discovery call.

  • Tips on how to vet your prospective clients & sound confident while doing so.

  • Explanations behind the intent of each question and anticipated replies.

  • Insight on how to streamline your calls for the most efficient use of time.

  • Links to recommended client onboarding resources and tools. 

The Interior Design Discovery Call Guide is an essential tool for new interior designers who want to confidently lead introductory calls with potential clients. This guide will help you vet potential clients and determine if the project is a good fit for your expertise and design style.

Heading #3: Is Your Reader Feeling Empowered?

This downloadble pdf guide is designed to walk you through my tried-and-true discovery call strategies in small, bite-sized steps.

For $47, you'll have a confident discovery call script that you can follow until you develop your own flow. I've also included links to additional resources to help you with your new client onboarding journey. 


Cheers to less stumbled through calls and more booked projects!

P.S. I'm all about feedback. Connect with me here or on my Instagram and let me know what other resources you'd like to see for new designers.

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